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There is nothing to say about this guy except that the music is perfect. It gets better and better every single time you listen to it. Take a drive with Greg Hester through HIS world - a place where booze comes in a paper bag and everyone has a nickname. A world of colorful characters who dance the circus dance of life each day while the rest of us make our way from the city out to our safe suburban homes. As we ignore their gaze, they peer at us in our fancy little boxes and wonder who we are - hustlers, killers, or thieves. Because they know the score, and they're not trading the joy and the rhythm for a shiny and safe life. Truly great music instantly changes the context, transporting the listener to the artist's world. Greg Hester manages to do just that with Hustlers, Killers, and Thieves. Just a few notes in, you're in that city with all of its dirty glory. Greg Hester grew up around Old School Gangsters & Legendary Wrestlers in Augusta, Georgia, which made a huge impact on this soon to be Soul Man. His approach to soul is clearly influenced by the greatest, the magnificent Mr. James Brown, and yet is also clearly southern in style. No, not Texas, New Orleans, or even Alabama southern. With a clear understanding of his heritage Greg manages to bring a new South to us, an urban South that is as real as the haze on a hot summer day. And oh, does the man work it, as if Mr. Brown himself taught him the ropes. He takes even the most jaded of crowds and captivates them with his charismatic and awe-inspiring voice. He is known for his true conviction that emulates itself in his powerful voice, heartfelt lyrics, and an energy that would rival even the Godfather of Soul himself